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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photoshoot - Update

So the viewing last night went very well - Venture Portraits in Witney (and especially our photographer Jen) had done a sterling job, especially of the boys. There were a couple of photographs that quite simply put a lump in your throat.

The viewing itself is a bit of a trial - it's quite heavily scripted, as it understandably has to act as a sales pitch as well. That said, it was well presented, and the initial slideshow, set to music, is a nice touch and brings back the memories of the shoot itself.

Needless to say, we ended up spending a quite amazing amount of money for a total of 20 photos - a set of four 10x8 framed shots, one 10x8 'gift' shot, and an album including the five framed ones and another 10 that we liked but which wouldn't fit the frames.

The only slight downside is that they don't provide electronic copies of the photos (for obvious reasons, I suppose). But apparently, we can remove and replace photos from the album should we wish to change the order. Not scan them at all. Obviously.

The photo at the top is from Venture, though not one of ours - they'll be ready in about six weeks, so we will have our new family photos on the wall in time for Christmas. Expensive - but well worth the money, in my opinion.

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