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Friday, October 10, 2008

I Know Why He's Smiling

So we had the misfortune to see Snotty McBroon grinning and joking about the tsunami of financial crises breaking against our shores the other night.

Of course, Pravda are spinning it as a positive, including an article this morning on the positive psychological effects of humour in a crisis.

Well I'm sorry, but I don't want to hear Snotty trying to be Jimmy Carr.

The only reason he's got a grin on his face is the increase in power granted to him by this crisis.

With a cabinet full of nonentities and sycophantic, fawning lickspittles, a Chancellor totally subservient, an Opposition backed into a corner and bereft of alternatives, a Parliamentary Labour Party terrified for their seats and the privilege they covet and an electorate cowed by the crisis and its damage to their pension funds, Snotty can indulge in the complete imposition of his will and the execution of absolute power.

He will continue to spend money he doesn't have to stem a crisis of his own creation. He will further mortgage our futures and the lives of our children in spiralling, crippling debt. He will carry on stalking the world stage, believing himself to be a colossus and a grand statesman and exhorting other nations to follow 'his' lead.

He knows that in such a situation as today, his opponents will never challenge him. The plotters in the PLP are swept aside by current events, the Opposition dare not question him for fear of accusations of 'playing party politics'.

Brown isn't grinning and joking as a psychological defence mechanism. Sociopaths have no need of the same social mores and structures as bind the rest of us. He's grinning because he has achieved his dream.

(Hat-tip to Guido for the above pic).

This is his dream - power over all of us. He has it now, and while calamity follows calamity cannot be ousted. Make no mistake - if there is still even the perception of a financial crisis in 2010, we WILL see the imposition of the Civil Contingencies Act to delay a General Election. Brown has tasted total power unlike that ever granted in modern Britain outside Wartime. He is not one that will willingly concede that power.

And he will bankrupt this country in pursuit of his own twisted ego-trip.

(Hat-tip to Guido as always)

I'm not the only one who thinks Snotty McBroon is a complete Loon. Psychologist Lucy Beresford describes him as 'deeply insecure', 'compulsive spending' and having a 'Freudian compulsion' bordering on 'self-mutilating behaviour'! Scary stuff - and on Pravda as well!

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