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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Murdoch Murdoch Murdoch.

Murdoch Murdoch Murdoch. Murdoch Murdoch Murdoch. Murdoch Murdoch. Murdoch Murdoch Murdoch. Murdoch Murdoch Murdoch. Murdoch Murdoch Murdoch. Murdoch Murdoch Murdoch.

It's a Murdoch conspiracy!

When the Conservatives have the most seats tomorrow, overall majority or not, it will apparently all be the fault of Murdoch.

Yep. Murdoch wrote the Dodgy Dossier and sent our troops to war on a lie. Murdoch sold the gold at bargain-basement prices. Murdoch personally introduced over 30 new offences per month. Murdoch raided pension funds in a way even Robert Maxwell couldn't have dreamed of. Murdoch presided over the institution of a benefits culture so endemic that over eight million people are now 'economically inactive'. Murdoch installed 1 CCTV camera for every 14 citizens, and defied court decisions in a desperate, Stalinist attempt to get everyone he could on a DNA database. Murdoch arrested a serving Member of the Opposition for holding the Government to account. Murdoch probably arranged the volcanic ash so Saint Tone couldn't get back to campaign.

Murdoch my arse.

Were those currently bleating about the horrors of the 'Murdoch Media' screaming when the Sun endorsed Labour from 1997 onward? I think not.

Murdoch is simply the latest and, thankfully, last limp excuse from a 'movement' that even in its last dying hours cannot admit that its own actions have led to its demise.

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Colin Campbell said...

You are a major meanie. How could you give Gordo and Tone such a rap. They were just trying to help.

Uncle Marvo said...

Did Murdoch give the banking fatbastards 30 billion pounds of your money, or was that someone else?

Anonymous said...

Marvo you knob.

Uncle Marvo said...


At least pick a monicker.

Vladimir said...

Ah, the supposed "right wing media", official scapegoat for everything bad.

But to be fair, I think the Tories are also responsible for most of the things you list, since they sat opposite the government and did nothing. They could have taken a principled stand against all of these things, kicking up a fuss, but instead they allowed Blair and Brown to set the agenda, and that's one reason why they don't get my vote today.