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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Appeal Court Reverses BA Strike Ban

Derek Simpson: "I'm alright, I always fly Virgin Business Class."

The trade union Unite were celebrating today after the Court of Appeal reversed a High Court injunction against strike action in their ongoing dispute with British Airways.

The Diary's legal correspondent reports that the Court of Appeal reversed the injunction on a 2:1 majority decision. The result paves the way for planned cabin crew strikes to take place over a number of coming weeks.

Strike action had been briefly averted on Monday by the injunction, which had ruled the ballot unlawful due to a technicality involving eleven spoiled ballot papers. However, the Court of Appeal decided that the ballot itself had been lawful, and that the technical failings were insufficient to rule the strike unlawful.

Unite General Secretary Derek Simpleton said, "this is a triumfant day, bruvvers. The original decision found struck at the 'eart of trades union democracy, meaning that we would 'ave to run ballots properly and technically rather than just downin' tools. Bruvvers.

"The decision by the Court of Appeal means we can return to our democratically-expressed wishes of putting our members out of work by forcing a national-flag airline, which already pays more than the average, into bankruptcy. Negotiations with BA continue but we look forward to our members spending time standing round braziers wearing donkey jackets, as is their democratic right, instead of facing commercial realities. Bruvvers."

A spokesman for British Airways, speaking on behalf of Chief Executive Willie Walsh, said, "we're fucked. Bye."

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