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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Labour Manifesto Nominated for Literary Prize

Labour Manifesto: the best work of fiction since 'Brave New World'.

The Labour Party Manifesto has been nominated for a prestigious literary award, it was announced this morning.

The Manifesto, entitled 'A Future Fair For All', or 'F-All' by those who have read it, has, in an unprecedented development, been nominated for the Booker Prize for fiction, according to sources within the Booker judging panel.

Journalist and Man Booker judge Rosie Blau, speaking about the Manifesto, said, "in my opinion, 'F-All' is probably the best work of fiction since 'Brave New World' - a piece to which it bears a startling resemblance.

"While a manifesto would not normally be considered for entry to the Booker Prize, 'F-All's chilling brilliance in juxtaposing a Utopian set of unattainable promises against the dystopian reality of the last thirteen years creates a delusional masterpiece of epic proportions."

Her sentiments were echoed by Booker Chair, Poet Laureate Andrew Motion, who said, "I read the Labour Manifesto from cover to cover, and it clearly qualifies for inclusion for a fiction prize. The sense of impending broken promises pervading the entire piece is redolent of Alan Bennett, with oblique references to James Thurber's 'Walter Mitty' and hints of a future with less hope than found in the best works of Solzhenitsyn."

Labour Party campaign Manager Lord Fondlebum of Fey said, "I am delighted at the recognition 'F-All' has received from the Booker Panel - and given that we've even proved legally that our Manifesto is a work of fiction, we look forward to the Electorate recognising our document for the nauseating spout of dishonest bilge it is, and voting accordingly."

Reports that the upcoming Liberal Democrat Manifesto may be in line for a prize in the category of 'Children's Fiction' remain unconfirmed.

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Antisthenes said...

I believe it is to be made into a 'B' movie entitled "How we shrank the economy". However some doubt is being cast about production as nobody can come up with a happy ending.