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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Man Of La Manse

So it appears that 'Colostomy' Brown believes he can 'dream the impossible dream'.

Well, he's kept the nation in a nightmare since 1997, so I guess anything's possible...

ConservativeHome also picked up the delusional lunacy of the PM , saying, "when Gordon Brown volunteers to identify himself with Don Quixote, there really is nothing left for satirists to do..."

Au contraire.

To dream the impossible dream,
To stay, when all want me to go,
To spend, even more than I borrow,
To bring the economy low,

To claim that I've never been wrong,
To claim I've been Prudent thus far,
To try, though the nation is weary,
To keep hold of all of my power,

This is my Quest,
To hold on to power,
No matter how useless,
The proles say we are,

To trample your rights,
and make thousands of laws,
To be willing to sacrifice Balls,
For my leadership cause,

And I know even third place will do,
Though the proles will protest,
I'll keep causing Great Britain harm,
As I'm power-obsessed,

And the voters will suffer for this,
That one half blind wonky-jawed arse,
Still strove with his meaningless message,
To hold on to all of his power!

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Uncle Marvo said...

Consider it robbed.

I'll do it tonight.

Sterling work, Agent Geek.

Macheath said...

Brilliant! One of your finest!

Dippyness. said...

Love it...Superb!

Ted Treen said...

Utterly superb!

Should be recorded & played immediately before, during & after EVERY NuLab party political broadcast - and BBC news programmes, as they're much the same thing these days.