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Friday, April 16, 2010

Public Notices

The happy couple pucker up.

Published in today's Grauniad:

Notice of Engagement

Mr & Mrs L Democrat, of Little-Sitting on the Fence, Bucks, are delighted to announce the engagement of their daughter Nicky to Mr J G Brown, son of Mr & Mrs L Abour of The Taxbill, Herts.

Miss Clegg and Mr Brown are to marry at St Polling's Church on Thursday 6 May, after which they will be honeymooning in Loss before moving to live in Ignominy-in-the-Wasteland, just outside Kirkcaldy.

Please note that the couple have not published a Wedding List. Donations should instead be made to the National Debt. All those not wishing to donate should note that donations will be taken through the tax system.

We wish Miss Clegg and Mr Brown a long future together in Ignominy.


Miss Clegg will be given away by her father Vince, and Gordon's little brothers Ed and David Millepede will be bridesmaids.

Ms H Harperson is to be Matron of Honour.

We understand that the husband of Jacqui Smith will be doing the photos - but we're not sure he's quite got the right idea yet.

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