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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The more observant among you may have noticed that there's been a significant break in the outpourings of rage and sarcasm from Vitriol Towers over the last fortnight. My apologies. Unfortunately I've been suffering from a nasty bout of Gastroenteritis, which kept me away from the computer and firmly attached to other things.

One odd side-effect of being rather unwell was that I seemed to lose the will, inspiration and ability to write. My personal belief is that the bile which normally makes it way out via the keyboard was leaving me in other ways!

Still, I'm about 60% recovered now, and will be returning to work tomorrow. Rumours that the office are supplying me with a commode instead of an office chair are (I hope) completely unfounded.

Normal service will, I hope, return over the next few days. Especially on MP's expenses.

Thanks for all the emails and Twitter DMs offering good wishes.


Anonymous said...

You couldn't take a laptop into the bog?


Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Had us worried there for a bit.

Thought you may have had an early morning knock at the door...

Catosays said...

Hope your arse has healed up!

Bill Quango MP said...

Don't worry. Sign yourself off with stress for a few months. Its easy, just ask your GP.

T' old 'un said...

I do hope you continue to hold your own.