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Friday, May 15, 2009

Gordon Brown in Further Financial Scandal

Brown hides the evidence. . .

Gordon Brown was fighting for his political life today, after becoming embroiled in another financial scandal.

With support already plummeting nationwide following the recent expenses revelations, the Mr Brown was today at the centre of another scandal involving unearned payments. The Public Accounts Committee has launched an investigation into Mr Brown's office, following allegations that he has claimed money to which he is not entitled.

Edward Leigh MP, Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, announced the investigation at a Press conference this morning, saying, "we are investigating Gordon Brown's affairs following the discovery that he is claiming £187,611 per annum for the office of Prime Minister.

"If this is found to be true, it would be the most egregious misappropriation of public funds so far discovered, given that he has neither the intellect, gravitas, talent, bearing, sartorial ability or sanity to hold such a position".

Mr Leigh added, "I mean, the man can't even get his tie straight in his collar, how could anyone believe he's the Prime Minister? It's ridiculous, and a terrible error if he's been receiving these payments".

Reports that Scotland Yard are also to investigate Mr Brown with regard to a charge of 'Impersonating a Competent Politician', and the lesser charge of 'Impersonating a Human Being' remain unconfirmed.

Mr Brown was unavailable to respond to the allegation that he had been receiving moneys under false pretences - at least, your correspondent was unable to reach him on his mobile.

1 comment:

T' old 'un said...

You may jest, but it is absolutely the truth,
There are those who have...(I was going to write "worked with him" but he is a total stranger to work)..worked (or may be shirked) under him who have "protected him from being sectioned under the mental health act purely for their own greedy ends.
The man should have been put away years ago.