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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ferrari Announce Breakaway Race Series

Ferrari have today announced their intention to set up a breakaway race series to compete with Formula 1, in protest at the proposed budget changes for the 2010 series.

Announcing the new 'Formula Enzo' race series, Ferrari chief Luca Di Montezemolo told journalists that the new championship would ensure Ferrari remained at the forefront of motorsport. He said, "it is the role of Ferrari to make fast cars, to race fast cars and to win. Formula Enzo will ensure that we continue to do this, without interference from that meddling midget Ecclestone'.

The circuits hosting Formula Enzo races have yet to be confirmed, however the championship rules have already been finalised. Any racing team is permitted to enter Formula Ferrari as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • They are Ferrari;
  • They are driving the latest Ferrari F1 car;
  • They are Felipe Massa;
  • They are Kimi Raikkonen.
Di Montezemolo was keen to point out that the two-car grid would ensure close qualifying and closer racing, but emphasised that what was important was that the series was fair, open, and ensured Ferrari won.

He added, "We are in motorsport to win. And if others are building better cars than us, then we won't play with them any more - we'll just start our own series and win that instead".

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