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Thursday, November 13, 2008

This Required an Automatic Restart. . .

Dear Microsoft.

I understand that you are the all-knowing Gods of the Operating System. I know that I don't actually *own* the copy of Windows XP that I use on a daily basis - it's yours, and it's only by the grace of Bill that I am permitted to use it.

But the bottom line is that you don't own my hardware. And just because I'm not sitting at my keyboard, doesn't mean my machine isn't doing anything. And it CERTAINLY doesn't mean that you can restart the Automatic Updates service that I'd disabled, then automatically reboot my PC.

Screwing up the overnight synch that was running on my iPod.

It's not YOUR computer. It's mine. You have no right to extend your foul tentacles into my workspace and perform arbitrary operations. Updating and rebooting is my choice and responsibility, not something you should inflict upon me.

Please stop. Else I shall firstly install Ubuntu, and secondly set you on fire.

Yours hatefully



Hedgewytch said...

Gah I hate that, my parallels version is continuously starting and running updates and giving me pop up boxes to say restart now or later and when I say later it does not mean five minutes later it means at the end of the day.
Unfortunately our network guys lock t he windows down so I can't switch it to silent mode like I can on my mac.
It drives me sodding potty grrrr.
Build a proper OS so we don't need all this constant constand updates please ;o(

Brennig said...

I have an old IBM notebook which is not coping with age very well. I'm considering Ubuntu-ing it and using it as a fileserver on the home network. But I lack the courage to make that first step. And the time. :)

AloneMan said...

Good. I'm glad someone's complained about that - drives me up the wall too. Comforting to know that Microsoft will react instantly to news of a user's bugbear and prevent it happening in future. Good call.