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Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Message For The Database State

So now the Goonverment plan to use retailers to gather biometric data?

Fantastic. You can tie our ID cards to our Clubcards, so you know what we bought last week. Oooh, you'll be able to compare our purchasing to our credit history and PAYE records, to decide whether we're living within our means, or arrest us for buying unhealthy foods.

How much information does Big Brother want to hold on us?

Well - you want to log loads of information? Parse and log this, you bunch of arsebiscuits.

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With knobs on.

Every supermarket that puts one of these booths in will be a place I won't frequent. If necessary I will use nothing but farm-shops and markets to buy what I need. My personal, private data is just that and I will NOT cede it to Big Brother.


Hedgewytch said...

Oh For Fucks sake! this is getting fucking depressing ;o(

Brennig said...

I don't use loyalty cards because I don't want anyone to know what I spend my money on. I mean, they might want to know why I buy so much KY* and they should mind their own business because what I get up to in the privacy of my own rabbit hutch** is up to me and my consenting rabbits***, right?


* I own two tubes of KY really. One is in Vin's first aid kit at the yard (how do *you* take them temperature of a horse?). The other is, erm, a spare.

** I don't actually own a rabbit hutch

*** I don't actually own any rabbits

p.s. No rabbits were hurt in the writing of this comment. But one got mildly excited when I got out that enormous carrot.