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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Re: Thing That I Got in the Post Today

The below was posted by me as a Comment to a Post on Lizs4ra's excellent Blog. Go there. You'll like it.

>>Does God really care about us?
Probably not. Look, he built this place in six days then buggered off. Typical cowboy builder, never finished the job. And did you see the size of the invoice? Shocking.

>>Will war and suffering ever end?
Probably not. See #1 above. The second coming isn't coming until he's finished another creation job somewhere round Betelguese, and traffic's murder on the Intergalactic M25.

>>What happens to us when we die?
We rot. Or we're burned. Or we can donate our bodies to that German bloke and get plasticised. Either way, it's pretty much out of our hands.

>>Is there any hope for the dead?
Well, they can hope the doctor called it wrong. Other than that, I'd guess they're pretty screwed. But by that point it'll be too late, as that German bloke will have them on show in the 'O2'.

>>How can I pray and be heard by God?
Call 0901 GODZ-COOL. Calls are charged at 50p/min off-peak, mobiles may vary. Speak to the Deity of your choice! (recorded service)

>>How can I Find happiness in life?
Stop worrying about whether there's a Supreme Being. Have a few drinks, and a good meal. Realise that wherever you live, if the most you have to worry about is a crisis of faith then life ain't really that bad. You could be dead in a gutter somewhere or having your limbs hacked off by Congolese militiamen. God ain't the answer, or the question. Having a life is both.


Brennig said...

I've left my answers at LizSara's place. :)

Hedgewytch said...

mine there too and in my own blog.
Liked yours though