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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gordon Brown to Adopt Greece

Brown: The Saviour of the World dispenses his fiscal genius.

Prime Minister Gollum Brown has announced that Greece is to become the fifth nation in the United Kingdom, as part of a plan to rescue the Euro from its most serious crisis since its adoption.

The news came in the final minutes before a Eurozone meeting to discuss ways of dealing with the current unsustainable level of debt in Greece, which is running at approximately 300bn Euros.

Speaking from outside the conference venue in Brussels, the PM said, "As you know, as the Saviour of the World it is right that I am the very epicentre of every decision that involves the spending of vast amounts of money. Unfortunately, as Britain has no cash left it is right that I find another way to bestride Europe as a fiscal colostomy Colossus.

"It is right, therefore, that we bring Greece into the glorious social experiment of the United Kingdom. By adopting Greece and putting its debt under the sound fiscal management of New Labour, its levels of debt - which are trivial compared to the eleventy-billion pounds of debt that I, Gordon Brown, have created - can be assimilated into the British overdraft and thus spun as low by my faithful minions."

Financial analysts welcomed the announcement by the PM, pointing out that there were already numerous similarities between Greece and Britain - not least the fact that Gordon Brown, like Greece, has lost his marbles.

The IMF have also supported the adoption of Greece by the UK. A spokesman for the IMF said that it would make administration simpler, as it was easier to deal with one big rescue package than several smaller ones.

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