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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Vision of the Future - Part Two

Transcript of CNN UK News

16 September 2013

Despite unemployment at 5.5 million, inflation at 19% and the collapse of the NHS, President Gordon Brown has insisted that he is the right person to "lead the country through these troubled times".

Speaking in his regular monthly broadcast on BBC Brown News, President Brown hailed the sterling efforts of voluntary workers in helping stem the recent Cholera outbreak in Manchester's Moss Side, and insisted that he was "getting on with the job" and announced increased Government investment in financial institutions.

At the inauguration of the new 'Diversity Wall' in Whitechapel, which separates the Muslim enclave from the rest of London, Home Secretary Ed Balls said that President Brown was "absolutely the man for the job" and that recent criticism from the Opposition was merely 'sour grapes from those who don't understand true Democratic progress".

In a separate development, police today arrested 20 bloggers under the Prevention of Disorder Act 2012. The released names included Iain Dale, Paul Staines, Neil Simmons and Nicholas Butler. Justice Minister Geoff Hoon said that the bloggers were guilty of "promoting proscribed and subversive organisations including the Conservative Party". Under the new legislation, the bloggers are not eligible for trial by jury, instead facing a Party panel. They each face a maximum of 12 years imprisonment in the Isle of Wight Penal Colony if convicted.

The leader of the banned Conservative Party, David Cameron, has called for immediate elections to be held in England along with a referendum on the reconstitution of the Union of the United Kingdom, which was disbanded in 2011 following the dissolution of the Monarchy. Mr Cameron added that England was "in dire need of democracy". The recent disbanding of Parliament and the Political Parties (Funding) Act passed in April of this year instituted a single-party system and labelled all political organisations other than the Brown Party as terrorist organisations. His claims were rejected by Information Minister Harriet Harman, who pointed out that the Brown Party election victories in 1997, 2001 and 2005 proved that the Brown Party was the only party with a true, democratic public mandate.

In other news - a tragic accident yesterday claimed the lives of former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and John Major, along with former politicians William Hague, Jack Straw, George Osborne, Frank Field, Nick Clegg and approximately 60 others. All were in an airliner which was accidentally hit by six air-to-air missiles fired from three BAF (Brown Air Force) Typhoons, which tragically mistook the aircraft for a cruise missile.

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I wouldn't put it past McSnot if he thought he could get away with it. Hopefully he'll have an up close & very personal interlude with some piano wire before then. Or perhaps some Romanian democracy?