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Thursday, September 25, 2008

An Anti-Political Broadcast

Despite recent posts, sometimes only vitriol, venom and vituperation will do. So, if you're not into Politics, Rants, bad language or scenes of a disturbing nature, please look away NOW.


This post is courtesy of the quote below from PRWeek:

"PRWeek can reveal that the Labour Party is exploring plans for an online rapid rebuttal unit, designed to kill off damaging stories circulating in the blogosphere."

This is being discussed elsewhere, as you may imagine. However, I would like to state my personal feelings on the matter.

< mode="rant">

Tell ya what - try and kill off THIS damaging story, you bunch of semi-literate halfwits....

You over there in the Parliamentary Labour Party.

You are, each and every one of you, the fetid droppings of a plague-carrying rattus rattus, prepared to mislead, cheat and outright LIE to keep your grubby paws in the till of this country's resources.

You are led by a scruffy, malformed, mouth-breathing, degenerate weasel, who suffers from a pathological inability to answer a direct question, who has in his eleven years in Government overseen the creation of a benefit state, sold off gold at the lowest price in recent memory, ridden an artificial house-price bubble inflated by personal debt and astronomical borrowing, and reduced the position of Prime Minister And First Lord of the Treasury to an international laughing stock.

You led British servicemen into an illegal war against the wishes of the United Nations, and denied them the equipment and resources they needed even to stay alive, much less perform the task with which they were charged.

Your Chancellor is a weak, shallow, cretinous and vapid creature whose primary talent appears to be caterpillar-balancing. Your Home Secretary is an evil misandrist (fucking look it up if any one of you has the slightest clue how to use Google) who has implemented legislation that in any genuinely fair society would be deemed outrageously discriminatory.

You claimed, in 1997, that you would be 'whiter than white'. Are we supposed, therefore, to ignore David Blunkett? There's 2 incidences of sleaze right there. Or Peter Mandelson? Another two. Or Keith Vaz. Or Tessa Jowell and the mystery mortgage. Peter Hain. Wendy Alexander. And let's not forget the former Prime Minister being interviewed by Police in connection with 'Cash-For-Peerages'.

You claim 'fairness for all' is in your DNA, yet you removed the 10p tax rate, and instituted a Tax Credits system that creates an ever-larger pool of people for whom living off the State is more profitable than working - and you tax those of us who DO work ever more for the privilege.

You are the socialist morons who have 'redistributed wealth'by decimating the pension pots of every worker in this country and by denying essential public sector workers a pay increase that even met your own, dishonest and artificial inflation figures. Yet you fatten your own wallets on our taxes with the John Lewis List, second homes, unfettered expenses and a gold-plated, index-linked pension plan.

With the elderly freezing to death, children leaving primary school unable to read (yet perfectly able to understand the 'crimes of Thatcher', apparently), violent crime rising, the decimation of our civil liberties, limitations on the right to peaceful protest, 42-day detention and the wanton destruction of an economy YOU were entrusted with - now you want to trample on the only civil right the people of the (soon-to-be dissolved) United Kingdom have left - free speech.

You're so completely spineless and incompetent that you can't even conspire against each other with any real effectiveness. You're small, pathetic turds who contribute nothing to this nation other than adding to the signal:noise ratio.

Just try and take away free speech - I'm only one person, there are millions of people out there, and millions of bloggers. There are other countries where websites can be hosted. You censor one of us, we'll simply repost their material on our sites. Censor another, we'll host it elsewhere. Our opinions mean something, even though you lack the basic intellect to comprehend them. We are Legion, and we have a bloody site more knowledge than you give us credit for.

We are economists, financiers, postmen, IT geeks, labourers, photographers, workers of every colour and creed and social background. And our one 'Common Purpose' (to use your bullshit phrase) is that we can see through your lies and your spin to the grubby little motives which underlie them.

Your cracked, deluded dream of 'fairness' is to drag everyone down until they're all dependent upon the State. 'From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs', isn't it? Well, you know what? Marx has been discredited in every country that's tried his utopian philosophy. You want proof? Fuck off to North Korea and live there for a while, try their socialist 'paradise' before you attempt to create one here.

Just try and censor me, fucknuts. Just try it and see how far you get.

< /rant >

This has been an Anti-Political Broadcast for the Dungeekin Party.

Normal service will now be resumed.


Anonymous said...

Consider yourself judged

Anonymous said...

This story is not true.

1. Great Leader does not breathe through mouth. Great Leader absorbs oxygen from cells of those standing nearby.

2. We did not lead troops into war. Far too dangerous. We stayed at home.

3. Did not claim "whiter than white". Claimed "purer than pure". Not fucking putting up with this libel much longer, laughing boy.

4. "You are the socialist morons". That does it. None of us are socialist.

Sim-O said...


Didn't you feel the floor shake 10 years ago when they stampeded to the right?

Socialism isn't neccersarily communism, and communism isn't what N Korea et al are/were. They're f*cked up dictatorships pretending to be communism.

Dungeekin said...



However, this is a rant designed merely to fling abuse, rather than my usual targeted assaults.

Hence my more general use of terms such as 'socialist' - the more general, the wider the spread of the muck!

Ta for reading


Old Holborn said...

reproduced in full at my place, with credits

Great rant

Billy Wallace said...

Great rant 10/10

old and angry said...

They don't like it up 'em!