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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Vision of the Future - Part Three

Transcript of News Report, Zimabwe Broadcasting Corporation
12 October 2017

Seventeen people have been killed in London today, in riots at the current shortages of food and essentials across England.

With inflation now running at close to 1,000,000 percent, and an almost-total collapse of manufacturing industry in England, basic necessities are hard to come by and it is estimated that 55% of citizens are now umemployed.

President Brown, who has been leader of the ruling Brown Party regime since 2007, has again blamed the complete collapse of the English infrastructure on sabotage by "the former colonies", including Zimbabwe.

In a statement released on the Brown Broadcasting Corporation, President Brown said "I am getting on with the job in these troubled times, despite the interference of the Zimbabwe government. Our former colonies are sabotaging our democratic progress".

Brown was recently re-elected as President-For-Life with 87% of the vote in an election that has been rejected by UN observers amid evidence of widespread corruption and vote-rigging. The new Electoral Registration (Parties) Act 2015 denies voting rights to those who are not registered as Brown Party members, along with the imposition of a 'Party Tax' at 10% of net income for the 'right of suffrage'.

President Brown and his Cabinet are currently subject to UN sanctions following the alleged assassination of Opposition leader David Cameron in Paris last month - an allegation rejected by Information Minister Polly Toynbee as "ridiculous". Ms Toynbee claimed that Mr Cameron was the victim of a tragic accident, and that he accidentally shot himself 12 times with his own shotgun while cleaning it.

Aid agencies have been banned from entering England by President Brown, who has accused them of spreading banned opposition propaganda. An estimated 2 million refugees have tried to cross the borders into Scotland and Wales in the last three months, prompting Scottish President Alec Salmond to increase the number of troops manning the border at the reconstituted Hadrian's Wall.


Anonymous said...

This comes under the tag of humour? All three "A Vision of the Future" posts demonstrate a prescience that is frankly terrifying!

Dungeekin said...

Thanks for the comment - and I hope that my somewhat cynical vision of the future doesn't come to pass!

Tuscan Tony said...

1, 2, and 3 all excellent, chilling, and credible. Sorry I missed them reading them when they were written - the cholera reference was prescient...