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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Scribblus Ergo Sum

I have been on the receiving end of a little concerned feedback from some close quarters, alleging that I have a habit of making too many posts on political matters.

I can understand their concern, because I used to rant and rail spectacularly about politics on a daily basis as an outlet for suppressed anger in other areas. However, times have changed, and so have both the tone and content of my posts, be they political or otherwise.

I write for a single, simple reason - because I love to write. I choose to write most about politics because it's an interesting subject that affects us all, and because that's where most of my inspiration comes.

For me, the most important thing is that what I write is interesting to me, and the news makes for the most interesting topics. I have no desire to place my personal life in the public domain, - and anyway, can you imagine the terrible tedium of regular blog posts about what I do at work?

So today I received an email from $CLIENT saying that they couldn't FTP to from So I logged onto the firewall, and discovered that there was an incorrect rule in place which was blocking access. I tweaked the rule, and updated the firewall policy, then ran a log query against the source and destination IPszzzzzzzzz....

Do you see?

I don't get inspired to write stuff like "I'm Dungeekin, I like fluffy clouds and kittens".

I don't feel the need to elucidate on the activities of my professional life - unless it's an example of weapons-grade Cluelessness, when I make the details public pour encourager les autres and because public flogging has sadly been outlawed.

Sometimes I feel like writing about other subjects. But mostly, I write about politics because that's where, at present, the words can be found. I'm not ranting and raving these days, trying to find a creative outlet to externalise unhappy personal circumstances - in fact, quite the opposite. These days my writing tends more to the humourous and the satirical than the vitriolic, precisely because I'm hugely fortunate to be very happy in my life, both personally and professionally.

Most importantly though, I write because what I write makes me smile, and because the ACT of writing makes me smile. To paraphrase De Sade (which will hopefully get you all worried), for me writing is "both a hobby and a supreme pleasure".

So your feedback is welcome and noted - but please, don't expect anything different.

I write for ME.

And I write what I wish to write.


Anonymous said...

Just as it should be.

Dungeekin said...

Hi Sim-O, and thanks for the comment.

Just reading your Blog - good articles there, Sir!

Thanks for reading


Anonymous said...

Perfect. As if voicing your opinion would be timed with my very own Blog-dismorpia. Since when should blogs pertain to rules. Is it not a way to reflect on subjects in your life that help make sense of life? And if you're passionate person, do it. Nobody tells the singer to put down the microphone if they're oozing passion and talent. Neither a ballet dancer, who unearths the very emotion behind what makes dance such a visually strong and sometimes breath taking piece, is asked to hang up her shoes and photocopy. Bloggers should write freely, excitedly and passionately.

Out of interest, was this recent concern brought about by the same person who spent 4hours reading your blog?

Hedgewytch said...

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Carry on. Do. Please for many years to come. I for one enjoy your daily posts