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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Schadenfreude

Upda*ing Websi*es *o a 'T'

Word went rapidly round the Twitterverse this morning that Cisco had made a minor whoopsie with their site update...

No doubt they will quickly remedy the situation, but for those who haven't yet seen it, here's a screenshot:

I'd have to say that my personal favourite is "Deliver high-ouch service and sales wih Cisco TelePresence Exper on Demand".

High-ouch services. Yep, sounds like Cisco Systems.

I'd say *ha* *his new websi*e is *ough *o read, and *he developer who uploaded *he revision is a *o*al *wa*.

Thanks to Cisco for brightening my day, and to VictoriaC and cbetta for drawing attention to it!


Here's a couple of links from the page Source - the New, Improved, Cisco 25-Letter Alphabet™ has been in full effect here as well:

  • How o Order

  • Cusomer Suppor Informaion

  • Which means that none of the links work.

    It's a beautiful day.

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