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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Taking The Red Pill (Only It Was White)

Red or white, the end result was the same. But I should explain....

My back is a pain in the arse.

For those of you who read Zoe's excellent Blog, I wish to assure you there's no connection between our similar ailments. Honestly.

I'm completely locked up, with the lower part of my back completely immobile, and tendrils of pain shooting down my legs regularly. The GP's signed me off work for a week, and made noises about a referral for an MRI scan if things don't improve. He also prescribed me Diazepam tablets, with instructions to take up to three a day as required.

Have you ever taken Diazepam? It's...interesting. Interesting in an 'Oh $DEITY, I'm completely out of my gourd' type way.

I took my first tablet last night, just before bed. The label on the pack said 'Diazepam 2mg', and the little white pill looked so small and insignificant next to the 500mg Co-codamol tablet.

I laughed at its paltry dimensions and dosage, and said to The Darling G, "I don't know why I'm bothering - at this dosage it might as well be a placebo.". But down it went, and I lay down in the least-uncomfortable position I could find to try and get some sleep if possible.

My head was the first to go. Within minutes of taking the pill my head was swimming, and I completely lost the ability to think straight. Five minutes after that - well, I can't remember, as I was completely out of it.

I've now been up and about (after a fashion) for 90 minutes, and I can still feel the effects of the tiny, yet awesome, tablet I took almost 12 hours ago!

To paraphrase Ford Prefect, it's a sensation unpleasantly like being drunk. And if you don't know what's unpleasant about that, just ask a glass of water.

Anyway - as my head slowly clears, I'm going to try and stay moving during the day, and get a few things done that don't require heavy lifting or mental acrobatics.

More posts to come when I feel comfortable enough to use the PC again.


zoe said...

I'd go for the MRI if I were you - things don't sound good.

My back was operated on in December 2000 when I ended up with a really painful pinched nerve. They removed the nerve and replaced it with a titanium cage (to separate the vertebrae, presumably). It's the most expensive part of me, ha ha.

But I still get back ache so send me your drugs - pleeeeeeeeeeaaase. And I hope your pain goes away soon.

Dungeekin said...

Hi Zoe, and welcome - from a frequent reader (and someone who finds himself often reading out Twattisms to The Darling G)...

G's trying to get me to agree to an MRI scan - of course with the NHS here, that'll take ages, so she's researching the possibility of doing it privately through her healthcare plan.

The GP doesn't think it's a pinched nerve - I'm not getting unexpected weaknesses - more likely a damaged disc, which may or may not respond to surgery.

Oh, and you're welcome to the drugs - if there are any left when I've finished I'll mail them to Belgium!

Hope you feel better soon, and thanks for reading.


zoe said...

Do you ever suffer from sciatica? I never realised that it was back-related and after several sessions of physio (which helped heaps) it came back again until one day ... I got out of bed and as soon as I put my weight on my left leg collapsed completely in pain.

I guess we're lucky in Belgium - no waiting ...

Good luck - back pain really is the pits. I spent another 2 hours in bed today with a painkiller :(

Dungeekin said...

Well, the GP said he could rule it out when I saw him yesterday - if things don't ease, then it's back for a second opinion!

Thanks for the good wishes, and the same to you - hope you feel better soon.