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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

For F&*#'s Sake...On GP Appointments

I'm in pain.

This is not a case of 'Man-Flu' - my back's gone into spasm and I can neither stand, sit nor walk without pain.

Call my GP's Surgery.

"Hello. I'm in pain. Do you have any appointments available this afternoon please?".

"No, sorry", comes the reply. "We're fully booked".

"OK - in that case, please may I have an appointment for first thing tomorrow morning?"

"No. We don't release tomorrow's appointments until 0830 tomorrow morning. You'll need to call back then".


So, let me get this straight.

I can't get an appointment THE DAY that I need one, and you won't let me book one for the next day either - unless I take part in the 'Hold For A Receptionist Lottery'?

Why on earth can't I simply book an appointment to see my GP?

Is this some grand, target-orientated conspiracy, or do doctors have the BOFH nature and just like their patients to have patience?

I don't know, but what I do know is I'm hurting, poorly-served and pissed-off at the pile of bureaucratic bo*&%$ks that is all that remains of our once-proud General Practice.

Once I got home, I called them again - and suddenly they DO have an appointment I can have today! Perhaps someone at the surgery read this Post.

I Am Happiness. Sort of.

Back from the doctor. It's a suspected worn/damaged disc in my lower spine. I've been prescribed Diazepam and signed-off work for a week. If it's not better by then, it's off to the hospital for an MRI.

The Geek within me kinda wants an MRI - but I don't want the pain I'll have to go through to earn it!

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