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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Labour is Lying and Hoping You Won't Remember.

Richard Littlejohn writes: 'Trust Labour? I'd rather trust Jimmy Savile to Babysit'. I'm not a fan of the Fail (and the analogy Littleprong used was unpleasant) but he makes a good point.

What's really bugged me is the dishonesty from Labour throughout this campaign - 'bedroom tax' was implemented in 2008 by Labour, and ATOS were contracted by Labour in 2005 to handle the disability assessments. They talk of 'tax avoiders' while their Leader uses a Deed of Variation to avoid Inheritance tax, flip their second homes to avoid Capital Gains tax and, in the case of Margaret Hodge, her family company Stemcor pays less than 0.05% Corporation tax. Oh, and Labour itself have a property management company that paid no Corporation Tax for eight years.

They complain about the NHS needing saving (which, by the way, they've said in every single General Election since 1948) - having saddled the NHS with £billions in PFI debt, covered up up to 1200+deaths in MidStaffs on their watch, outsourced more services to private companies than the Conservatives have (5% to 1%) and, under the Welsh Assembly, preside over NHS Wales - the worst-performing part of the NHS UK-wide.

They refuse to admit overspending during 1997-2010 despite having increased borrowing massively (to over £500 billion), raided pensions so hard in 1997 that some funds never recovered, sold off the UK's gold reserves against the advice of the market at rock-bottom prices, bailed out the banks, forced Lloyds to merge, implemented the light-touch City regulation (overruling the BoE) that allowed the subprime market to burgeon, and gave Fred Goodwin a knighthood - yet they claim they are the party of fiscal competence?

Leave aside that they went to court in 2008 to prove that manifesto promises aren't legally binding (written in stone or not), welshed on their own plan for all-women shortlists to select a Union boss (Jack Dromey, husband of Deputy Leader Harriet Harman) as an MP, have supported gender segregation during the campaign, fought for State regulation of the Press, took British servicemen to war on a 'dodgy dossier', implemented a 50% tax rate on high earners for ONE MONTH then claimed, when the Coalition cut it to 45% (and the tax take went up - see 'Laffer Curve' for more information) that it was a 'tax cut for millionaires'.

Oh, and for the record - the rich ARE paying more now than they were under Labour. 

For a hundred years, Labour have tried to convince poor people that rich people are the reason they're poor. Yet in that hundred years, the poor people who've voted Labour in droves are still poor - yet Labour MPs are just as rich, just as privately educated as the Conservatives they purport to despise.
Every single time they've been in power they've screwed the economy, from the biggest deficit in peacetime history to an IMF bailout - and left unemployment higher than when they came in.

I haven't even touched on civil liberties, surveillance, NHS computerisation, Oldham, Rotherham or any of the myriad other points I could cover.

Enough lies, please. We don't need any more of this.

Labour like to talk about the Coalition record, and pretend that their dismal history - not just 1997-2010, but the dark days of the 1970s as well - doesn't exist. They rely on people not looking at the past and the tribal nature of Labour politics to ensure they keep their vote - a client state of people trained not to look at the realities but to believe the soundbites and vague platitudes, overlaid with hatred for anyone who defies the groupthink.

Well - these are all facts, all the ones that Labour don't want people to remember.

Please remember, and vote accordingly.


The Gorse Fox said...

And they closed more mines than Maggie Thatcher.
And they gave away our jet engine technology to Russia when we led the world.
And they reneged on the referendum over what became the Lisbon Treaty.

Blue Eyes said...

Great post. Labour this time have not tried to win over the sensible part of the electorate: this has been a core vote campaign, hence its awful shrillness.

Dungeekin said...

As I said, they're relying on people not remembering the thirteen prior years. And it's a good bet, as the closeness of the polls indicate.

But all it takes is a bit of a wonder through the blog posts of that dire period to see the facts. I wish more people would look at the reality rather than the platitudes.