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Friday, March 18, 2011

Protests Over Libya No-Fly Zone

Gaddaffi: "Just needs something to cuddle."

The Stop The War Coalition have called for immediate demonstrations against UK 'warmongering', in the wake of the decision to impose a No-Fly Zone over Libya to protect democracy campaigners.

The news follows an announcement by the Libyan regime that they will cease all military action in response to the UN Security Council Resolution, returning instead to slaughtering their citizens by more traditional covert methods.

A spokesman for the group, which opposes military action by Western powers absolutely anywhere while remaining resolutely silent on international massacres by dictators worldwide, said that the imposition of the No-Fly Zone was 'purely political' and that the Nasty Evil West should not be allowed to stop Uncle Muammar from murdering as many of his citizens as he chose.

The spokesman said, "to stop progressive democratic leaders such as Muammar Gaddafi from brutally suppressing public revolt would be a violation of international sovereignty and, of course, we all know that actually Gaddafi is just a misunderstood soul who was very kind to his mother, until he had her shot for sedition. Just ask George Galloway.

"Besides, if the West does nothing we can watch the massacres live on TV and that gives us something else to ineffectually wring our hands about, rather than standing up for what is morally right and sanctioned, in this case, by international law."

The STWC said that they planned to promote other means to stop genocide in defence of tyranny, including a campaign to send a planeload of kittens to the Libyan leader, who as far as they're concerned just needs something to cuddle.

In related news, the Yemeni and Bahraini governments continue to shoot protesters dead in the streets, while UN diplomats have taken an extended lunchbreak to have a self-congratulatory circle jerk.

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Anonymous said...

Is the photo Kenny Everett in disguise ?

Prasad said...

What will be the next movement?