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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So the decorating at Dungeekin Towers is . . . well, it's proceeding.

I can't help but be delighted at the results of the building work, however. Now the new floor is completely laid, there's a real sense of space that hits you every time you walk into the new living room. I love it.

My sense of pleasure is compounded by the addition of this:

I've got the XBox attached to it, and am working on building a PC as a media player. We've ordered a new wood stand for the TV, but it's going to take a staggering 14 weeks for delivery - mainly, I believe, because given the price of it it's being hand-carved from a single tree by Patagonian virgins...

The cabinet-maker delivers his work the end of this month, and the new gas fire will be plumbed in about the same time. All is good.

In fact the sole downside of the whole thing is that it requires us to decorate not just the living room, but the rest of the ground floor - which forces us to continue into the stairwell, which means going up the stairs, which means doing the landing, which means...well, you get the picture.

I'm relishing the new working structure here at $WEMANAGESTUFF, as we've changed from 24/7 shifts to an on-call night structure. While it's never pleasurable to be called at some unearthly hour (usually for something that isn't urgent anyway, but the kids are learning slowly), it's certainly better than sitting awake all night staring at a screen, waiting for something to break!

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