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Monday, February 25, 2008

It's HERE!!

the new $SHINY! toy arrived today - along with all the additional bits and bobs, so well done to the suppliers involved.

At this early stage (only 3 hours playtime, and I forgot to bring the box back home with me so neglected to bring the power cable!) I'm not forming any strong opinions.

Except. . .

DAMN, it's SMALL!!

As I don't have power, I was only able to spend about 90 minutes fiddling with it and surfing the Web - proper tweakage will have to wait till tomorrow. Photos and a review proper will follow in the next few days.

However, while I was shocked at the size of it - it's really incredibly tiny, even photos don't do it justice - so far I've found it pretty easy to use, and even the trackpad, though small, isn't overly awkward. I can't touch-type (yet), but the teensy little keys aren't a detriment to easy use of the laptop.

Though the 'Fisher-Price' simple GUI has simply GOT to go!

More to follow - watch this space....

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