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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eee By Gum!

Forget AndLinux - I couldn't stand the anticipation, so I've done it...I've ordered my very own Asus EeePC.

I ordered the 2GB version in Black, for 2 reasons - one, because it was cheaper to get a 2GB and add on 12Gb of SD storage (one 8GB, one 4GB) than to buy a 4GB - and two, because Laptops Direct had the 2GB in stock and I didn't want to wait!

EBuyer are supplying the memory cards (and a wireless keyboard and mouse for the next project), so by the end of next week I'll be geeking out like mad!

The sad (or should that be sadder) thing about all this excitement is that I can even envisage the Blog EeePC, sat on top of Gerry's Dell subby, both sat on my Compaq laptop!

God, I love being a Geek.

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