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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

PlusNet? More like MinusNet!

The more astute among you may note that there have been a couple of changes here.

Firstly - no posts since 21 December - and secondly, I'm back on Blogspot for these pages.


Well, the main reason - in fact, the ONLY reason - is PlusNet.

Line activated with lovely 2Mb speed, 20 December.

Unable to connect - 23 December. And it's been the same since.

Using a dialup backup is just NOT how I want to spend my time, especially when I'm paying for the privilege of a service I'm not getting!

So far, it's been back to BT twice, 'whoosh tests' twice (both inconclusive), three complete reinstalls of the modem software, and innumerable reboots and connection attempts, all to no avail.

I'm starting to get to the point where if I don't get DSL back soon, I'll be performing a few 'reboots' myself, if you catch my drift.

On the upside, Christmas was fantastic, spending time with my parents and my sister, who I just don't see enough of. New Year was spent in a quirky hotel in Oxford - would you believe a converted prison? I'll upload some pics later on once I can get them onto my own webspace.

And here we are now, in 2006 - and I'm hopeful that this year will prove to be better, overall, than the one just gone.

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