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Monday, January 09, 2006

A Call to Impeach Tony Blair. . .

This is quite a turn-up.

When a respected, veteran soldier decides to become embroiled in politics, and calls for the impeachment of the Prime Minister, surely - SURELY - people must take notice?

I won't bore you by recounting the lies, mistruths, propaganda, dirty tricks and spin - the sordid history of the buildup to, and conduct of, the invasion of Iraq is well known and documented.

But at a time when the leader of an Opposition party resigns because denial made his position untenable, surely the incumbent Prime Minister should be made to answer for decisions and actions that resulted in deaths, maimings and the escalation of acts of terror on UK soil?

Without getting into it too much, Charles Kennedy was right to go - his repeated denials of an alcohol problem, now proved to be falsehoods, called his integrity into question. He showed courage finally admitting his alcoholism, and (albeit under duress) took the right decision in resigning the leadership of the Liberal Democrats.

Yet Bliar and other Cabinet members have had their integrity torn to tatters by the Iraq invasion, but still continue to 'lead' this country and preside over the destruction of civil liberties - all in the name of 'democracy' and a 'War on Terror' that they themselves exacerbated.

General Sir Michael Rose is an experienced soldier, whose courage has been proven on the battlefield. Now he has proven his mettle again, standing up and speaking out when all we normally hear are the voices of Bliar's fawning sycophants.

I hope (against hope) that this is the real start of a groundswell - that Bliar, Straw, Blunkett, Hoon and their US counterparts will be made to answer for the lies, the deaths and their decision to prosecute an illegal war for dishonest reasons.


Fran / Blue Gal said...

welcome back, monster. I noticed your blog cause you've got me on the blogroll but I wasn't sure where you were going until this post. Fine to be a tekkie, but don't forget your friend in the resistance!

Cheers, and personal times? Yeah, I'm asking.

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