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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Recipe for MP's Dosh

Shades of 2009 have returned with grim inevitability. Three years on, our 'leaders' show us that the only thing they learned from the public outcry, gnashing of John Lewis lists and jail sentences was how to game the system even more - sadly, exactly the way I predicted.

On the upside, though, the avarice and mendacity of the 646 MPiggies has, at least, returned my heart to song - this time with apologies to Harry Connick Jr.

The Recipe for MP's Dosh

Buy a second home and let it out to someone new,
Profit on the income and claim rent expenses too,
Then flip its status to avoid the Revenue,
And that's the recipe for MP's dosh,

 Don't worry that the public's getting wise to your deceit,
 Use FOI to keep it from the plebs out on the street,
Just add a spouse's wages to make your scam complete,
And that's the recipe for MP's dosh,

And if you've got it right you'll know it,
Just sit back and watch your net worth soar,
And if you've got it wrong you'll know it,
'cause the Press will be knockin' at your door,

Leave the book with all the regulations on the shelf,
The taxpayer exists for you to maximise your wealth,
We're not in this together, you're a law unto yourself ,
And that's the recipe for MP's dosh!

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Macheath said...

Nice one!