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Friday, October 05, 2007

Shout Out to My Sis - Good Luck!

Those of you who follow my myriad ramblings on Twitter will know that Sunday is a Very Important Day.

This Sunday my sister - the lovely, gorgeous and exuberantly talented Sam - is in the Final of the QVC Presenter Search competition - an X-Factor stylee contest with a years' presenting Contract at stake for the lucky winner.

Sam has worked tirelessly since graduating University to get into presenting - from working with Aardman Animation, working as the Production Assistant on Bargain Hunt, presenting small, international programmes on cable - but this is a big chance.

From over 20,000 potential hopefuls, the field was thinned...and thinned...and thinned...until as of a few weeks ago, just 8 remained, and they had to endure 'trial by TV Vote' each week, along with the pointed comments of judges, to get to where we are now.

........We interrupt this program, as the author wishes to make some personal observations regarding Guest Judge Vanessa Feltz...
Vanessa, FOAD you fat, snide, cretinous, miserable excuse for a human. Please slink into the obscurity you so richly deserve.
................Thankyou, we now return you to our scheduled programming...

The Final.

So now it all comes down to this. 3 Contenders, 1 Show. 6pm Sunday, QVC.

We're all going to be there - all her friends and family, which is a big crowd - all wearing our 'Vote Super Sam' t-shirts and green afro wigs in her honour. Cheering, shouting and supporting her with all our hearts for her to achieve what she wants and deserves so much.

Please, if you can spare an hour, tune in and watch Sam on QVC Presenter Search, 6pm Sunday on the QVC Channel, and give her your support too.

Go Sam!!
Text 'VOTE SAM' to 80782 on Sunday Night!

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