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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Site Motto

OK, so I've come up with a new motto for the site/blog:

humanus est causa , non apparatus

Translation is left as an exercise for the reader. Now all I need to to is design myself a funky coat of arms - which will be fun to do!

For those who speak Latin - if it's grammatically/syntactically incorrect, I used an online Latin translation so don't know how accurate it was in picking up tenses and context. So tough - I like it.


Caroline said...


i stumbled across your blog when trying to get some info on how to use the webcam on the advent 8212. You sound like a man who knows what to do whereas i on the other hand do not! i know that to turn it on i need to press FN and F10 and then a green light comes on - but i have no idea how to use it. No screens launch and I have to say despite trying every application on the laptop nothing is making it work! Any tips would be appreciated.

thanks Caroline

Anonymous said...

Caroline, did you any joy with this. Am having exactly the same problem but can't find any help.

Many thnaks


Anonymous said...

To Caroline and all those users frustrated with the webcam on the Advent laptops 8XXX and 9XXX,

Have just discovered

This seems to do the trick :-)

Hope it works for you too.