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Saturday, December 17, 2005

A busy day ahead.

But first, some geekery....I'm still waiting for DSL to be activated, and living on dialup is driving me nuts. The current expected activation date is 20 Dec, the hardware's arrived, so now it's just a matter of waiting. I'll be SO glad to get back to a decent connection speed!

I'm trying to get a web-based calendar going - and get it all downloaded, organised, check the permissions - and then find I need to upload it to the CGI space I get from Plusnet. But - and here's the fun bit - can I access said space?

No. No FTP, no telnet, and a 403: Forbidden if I even try and surf to the empty page. Now I can understand the 403 - there's no index page set up, so it's trying to access an empty directory - but if I can't FTP, can't telnet, can't upload anything to the directory, it's precisely bugger-all use!

In other news, it's off to the shops today to do the pressie run. That should be fun.

And I'm picking my friend up from the airport tonight, as well. 3 weeks cycyling across Southeast Asia - she is, of course, utterly insane.

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