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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Technology Upgrade - Phase ∞-1

Well, the new Dell D420 is working wonders and I'm delighted with it.

However, the server upstairs is struggling a little with cooling (the second floor of a well-insulated house tends to be quite a warm place), and to be honest once the fans start up it sounds like a helicopter's trying to land in my office.

So - Phase ∞-1 of the Tech Upgrade plan is being introduced.

I've binned the plan of a media server under the TV - to be honest, it just wouldn't get used enough to justify it - and the Asus Pundit is getting Yet Another Upgrade so it can sit upstairs as a workstation/server.

Another gig of RAM is arriving shortly to take it to 2GB, and by the end of the week a 750GB SATA drive will also go into it. I've currently got about 400GB of data stored on the existing system, so with that drive and my external one I will have just over a terabyte, which should be plenty (for now, at least).

The only downside to this is that I won't have the high-end graphics card any more - however, with the Wii now installed downstairs I don't find myself playing games on the PC that often.

The Pundit is much quieter than the existing box as well, so hopefully The Darling G will no longer have her beauty sleep interrupted by the whirr of cooling fans!

In other news, I'm due to collect an Apple eMac shortly - it's already been upgraded and is running OS X. That will also go onto the network, with a view to using it solely for iTunes.

Photos to follow once the project begins.

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