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Monday, April 21, 2008

This Is Not Just A Garage....

This is not just a sandwich...'s a delicious chicken & bacon Club, when you can get it because the sandwiches aren't delivered until after lunch.

This is not just a Cash Machine...'s a beautiful, full-colour fee-free ATM that works one day out of seven, and normally has a hand-lettered 'Out of Order' sign on it.

This is not just a cash till...

...this is a splendid counter of four tills, with only ONE actually manned over the lunchtime busy period. And with a superb, state-of-the-art PDQ card system with a 9600-baud dialup connection to the authentication server.

This is not just a queue...

...this is a queue of at least 2o people, standing waiting to be served at the unmanned tills, causing all the pumps to be backed up and all the parking spaces to be taken.

This is not just a bunch of ARSE garage...

This is the M&S Simply Food garage on the A4074 near Benson.

Marks & Spencer 'Simply Food' garages - exclusively screwing up everyone's lunchbreak.

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