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Thursday, January 03, 2008


So 2008 started the same way it finished - with me working night shifts.

However, changes to the way we work means that this is the last week I'll have to spend every night sat at the laptop, gazing blearily at a monitoring screen waiting for something to break!

Yes, we're finally moving to an on-call structure - along with a pattern change that means no more late shifts finishing at 11pm, and just one working weekend in three!

In honour of this momentous occasion, I've created a mini-office (with the much-appreciated help of my father-in-law). The computers now reside on the top floor in what was formerly a walk-in wardrobe, but now has a large desk area and multiple shelves.

I was agonizing over how to get the Mac onto the network, and finally decided that I simply couldn't justify £85-worth of Ethernet over Power for just one iMac. So I've simply bought a USB dongle that claims to be Mac-compatible. Fingers crossed!

Now all I need is a new Linux box, and I'm sorted.....

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