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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hate Crime

News reaches the Towers that yet another pressure group has defined yet another thing as a 'hate crime', and that the Police (despite not having the resources to investigate murders or somesuch) are, of course, investigating.

This begs a simple question - What else must be banned?

What else do we ban because some pressure group or other deems, no matter how much of a stretch it might be, that something is somehow derogatory?

Equality is supposed to mean just that. Equal treatment, which includes sometimes seeing things that (whether related to you or not) may not present something you feel is 100% positive.

This was nothing - nothing at all - to do with transgender equality, and everything to do with a demand for publicity and special treatment.

So fine - let's ban the pantomime dames too because they apparently offend a small subsection of a minority. Let's also ban the 'Principal Boy' from pantomimes because that's both insulting to FTM transgender people, of course, as well as (no doubt) cultural appropriation. In fact, let's ban fancy dress altogether lest it offend someone. Let's also ban all forms of drama - I mean, Sarah Bernhardt and Maxine Peake both played Hamlet.

Best ban Pride, too - sometimes there are drag artistes or men dressing in a manner which may be construed as appropriating transgender culture.

For certain we had best bow to the pressure from the book-burning brigade and remove Mark Twain from libraries . My 1901 copy of the 'Imperial Dictionary of the English Language'? Racist in tooth and claw. Onto the bonfire of offensiveness. Shakespeare too - after all, there was cross-dressing in 'Comedy of Errors' and 'Twelfth Night'. And Falstaff would probably be triggering to recovering alcoholics anyway.

In fact, best ban all forms of speech and communication just to be sure. You never know who might be offended by something, and it's better to be safe than jailed.

When did 'equality' become "you can't say or do anything lest it potentially offend someone"? When did equality become 'special treatment'?

Best not show 'Married with Children' - it is stereotyping and offensive to middle-aged shoe salesmen with two children. And any British sitcom prior to 1980 would probably be grounds for the arrest of the writers.

It's bollocks, quite frankly - the whole fucking lot of it. We've gone from people justifiably asking for equality of rights to an ever-more sliced world of people demanding special treatment, even when it doesn't even have anything to DO with them, and screaming the nebulous 'hate crime' canard when they don't get put on a pedestal.

Hate crime is the poor bastard being thrown off a building by ISIS for loving someone of the same sex, or being beaten in the street for being transgender, or being tossed out of your job for your religious beliefs. It is NOT a completely unrelated CHARITY running a fun-run in the theme of a hundred-year-old theatrical tradition, and for pressure groups to even imply that it has any validity demeans the genuine hate, violence and discrimination that people have suffered in search of equality over the years.


The Cowboy Online said...

A great comment, this especially resonated with me;

" We've gone from people justifiably asking for equality of rights to an ever-more sliced world of people demanding special treatment"

The splintering up in to so many identity groups is, in my opinion, one of the most awful outcomes of modern technology, and social media especially. Where is it all going to end? Will it ever end?


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